Date of Birth

April 5th,1994
Hachioji, Tokyo, Japan
Mother AND Singer

Dreamed to become a singer, influenced by grandmother and mother who loves music.
Although her initial impulse was a female idol group recommended by her girl cousin,
from her rather shy and sensitive personality, she once gave up her ambition
to become a singer and aim for a backstage work.

2020, establish a music office, Queens Music.
Design(including logos and jacket designs , music/lyric video),
mixing/mastering engineer, costume making...
every affiliated artist is totally produced by her.
With her character as a HSS-HSP, elyca expresses subtle emotions and feelings
in many creative fields as a multi artist / multi creator.

And from July of 2022, with a belief in “Every mother have a right to do what she wants”,
she debut as a solo singer with her husband’s sound production.

~As a singer~
Those who know her say that her adaptability and ability to multi-task and quick understanding of what she has never done before is both a talent and an marvelous ability.

Born and raised in Tokyo in 1994, elyca dreamed of becoming a singer because of her grandmother.
However, her family upbringing was tumultuous, and she was unable to gain self-confidence and lived a life of self-preservation.

It is not that she grew up unloved.
She knew that people loved her, and more she felt the love, more the pain of losing that love one after another was immeasurable.
After knowing that people don't stay beside her forever, she began to see the other side of people.

Therefore, 13-year-old elyca continued to believe that people will betray her, and she pushed herself down and hid her weakness so much that she lost sight of herself.

At that time, a female counselor gave elyca a freedom, and although her roots could not be erased and disappear, she was able to gradually regain her identity.

She said, "Being a yes-man, just being nice to people and obeying them, didn't help me in the happiness part of my life."
After such a turning point, she said, "I rebelled violently, as if to regain a period of time when I had been stifling myself,
once I understood that life is a strange thing to be oppressed by people and the environment,
and I had to be strong because I had been through a terrible and painful childhood," she said.

"I'm very stubborn and competitive. I was curious, inquisitive, and ambitious, so I never stopped expressing myself creatively.
I didn't care if I couldn't sing, I just wanted to make a living in the industry.
I was a housewife, but I felt marginalized and sad, so I started working as a multi-creator and producing bands, and then I got an offer to be a singer...
I really don't know what life has in store for me, so it's a struggle, but I think it's fun.
I think that you should never lose the desire to accomplish something, no matter what anyone says.
Even if there is a lapse of time, it is still there in a corner of your mind.
Once you have a dream, it will never go away. I think everyone should accept themselves and be who they are.
It's your own life. It is your own life, and you can involve others in it, or be involved in it, but I think it's okay to make choices. I think you should speak up.
Of course, you have to do what you have to do."

Normally, she is calm, gentle, and serious. She is honest and cannot tolerate lies or cheating, and while she smiles a lot, she sometimes shows her human strength and severity.
Passionate and hardworking, yet rebellious and unstable.
She is expressive, but introverted and sensitive. She is always on her guard, reading people's emotions while also possessing a diplomacy that likes people.
She says that there was a time when this strange balance bothered her because some people did not accept her.
We believe it is this contradictory imbalance that attracts people to her.


Singing happily, watercolor painting, games(Dream Light Valley/SIMS4(EA)/Kingdom Hearts Series/Grand Theft Auto/etc.), movies, Disney, and DIOR.